As a loyal LUXEAHOLIC we’re sure you are familiar with our commitment to education and maintaining optimal industry standards. In this effort to continue developing world class stylists we are announcing the LUXE Academy Level! This is a collaboration with you, our valued clients, and some of the newest up and coming talent in our market.

We know our clients have impeccable taste and style. Academy Level stylist are hand-picked and working under the direction of salon owner and Global elite stylist, Nate Fox. They are perfecting their professional skills and services to be capable of accommodating your discerning requests. They will be the next generations of LUXIES.

Along any journey of development there are bound to be obstacles and challenges. This is where the true magic of growth and learning happens! To make this program effective for both you and our Academy Stylists, we must make a commitment to each other to resolve these challenges TOGETHER! Our commitment to you is that we perform each service to the best of our ability. Your commitment is that you afford us the patience and understanding to get to that end. Our goal (every time!) is for you to leave feeling great about your hair and the way you look! Any service performed by Academy Level stylists that does not meet your expectations must be perfected by the same stylist who did the initial service. Any modifications to initial services will be conducted under the guidance and supervision of one our most experienced mentor stylists. This hands-on approach to problem solving is paramount in helping our stylists improve and flourish! Thank you in advance for your commitment and understanding!


new talentjuniorseniormasterpremier
cut & style women$40+$45+$50+$55+$60+
cut & style men$30+$32+$37+$42+$50+
wash & style$30+$35+$40+$45+$50+
children (12 & under)$25+$28+$32+$37+$45+