CORONAVIRUS/COVID-19 operational updates! Thank you for being a loyal client of LUXE Salon and Spa. We value your belief in us and we hope you’re able to place that belief in us as we learn and adapt to a completely new way of doing business! 

We have always taken great pride in caring for your health and safety concerns. The health and safety of our clients and staff is our very first priority. Please understand this is all completely foreign to us and we are doing the best we can to figure all of this out in order to be able to continue our operations in the safest manner possible. These policies and procedures are subject to change as we adapt and possibly determine a better way to do things.

Several operational procedures will be modified to reflect our mitigation efforts during the ongoing global health crisis. These modifications will stay in effect until further notice.


  1. Every staff member will agree to STAY HOME if they are sick or displaying any symptoms .
  2. Every staff member will have their temperature taken before entering the salon for their shift. Anyone exhibiting a fever of 100 or higher will be sent home and asked to self isolate for a period of no fewer than 14 days.
  3. Every staff member will wear either a mask or a face shield at all times.
  4. Stylists are required to wear protective eyewear during the shampoo portion of any service.
  5. Service providers are required to wash their hands before and after each client, and at any point after touching their face.
  6. Every staff member has taken at least one coronavirus Health and Sanitation test and passed with a certificate.
  7. All salon stations, spa treatment rooms, nail stations, and general client service areas will be completely sanitized before you arrive and after you leave. 
  8. Frequently touched areas such as the restroom, enter and exit doors, etc. will be sanitized with increased frequency.


  1. Amenities such as the reception area and spa lounges will not be available. 
  2. Locker rooms will not be available, with the exception of the restroom.
  3. Service capacity has been reduced to allow for recommended 6ft distance. Acrylic shields have been installed where 6ft distance is not possible.
  4. Hand sanitizer will be placed throughout the salon for your use at any time. 
  5. Retail shelving is not available for clients to browse.
  6. Beverage service is suspended.
  7. Magazines and literature will not be available.
  8. Masks are available for purchase AT COST.  


  1. Services will be by appointment only. Appointments are one on one with your stylist ONLY and reduced capacity is regulated by the PA State Board of Cosmetology. You will not be permitted to be joined by any children, family, or guests.
  2. Children with scheduled appointments who are not able to attend the appointment alone may be accompanied by one adult. Social distancing should still be observed to the best of your ability. 
  3. Appointments will not be scheduled without a credit card on file or alternate form of prepayment. At this time we have chosen to not raise our prices. No shows and late cancellations will not be acceptable. Securing a credit card simply supports our cancellation policy and helps us to forego price increases.
  4. Clients must complete a digital pre screening/consent form before their appointment. A link to the form will be included in all of our email and text confirmations. Data collection is GDPR compliant.
  5. DO NOT COME TO YOUR APPOINTMENT if you are exhibiting any symptoms. Please understand that our time is more valuable than ever. Requested changes to your scheduled services should be communicated no less than 48 hours in advance.
  6. All current client contact information must be updated to allow for contact tracing.
  7. Clients will wait for their appointments in their vehicle or outside of the salon. You must call the salon phone number when you arrive to “check in” for your appointment.
  8. Clients will be called when their service provider is ready for your appointment and it is safe for you to enter.
  9. Clients may not bring excessive personal items with them to their appointment. Please keep personal belongings to your keys and cell phone. 
  10. All salon clients must enter through the door on First Street. 
  11. All spa clients must enter through the spa door from the parking lot side.
  12. All clients must be verbally screened again at entry and have their temperature screened. Clients with a temperature of over 100 degrees will be asked to reschedule their appointment for no fewer than 14 days later.
  13. All clients must wear a mask to enter the salon and throughout the entire duration of your time inside the salon. Disposable masks are available for purchase at the salon if you do not have your own. Masks are also available for purchase if you do not wish to get chemicals on your own.
  14. Clients must sanitize their hands upon entry.
  15. All service providers will wash or sanitize their hands before your service.
  16. Please insist upon a thorough consultation with your service provider. Remember, an effective consultation includes a discussion of cost. You wouldn’t hire someone to paint your house without asking for an estimate, would you? You will NOT insult us. 
  17. Please do your best not to deviate from the services that you were scheduled. Time will already be a limited resource and we may not be able to accommodate deviations from scheduled services. If you request services for which you were not scheduled you may be asked to schedule those services at a follow up appointment.
  18. Each salon client will be draped with a clean and sanitized cape and a disposable neck strip. 
  19. Neck rests at the shampoo bowls have been removed due to their soft surface and difficulty of sanitization. Shampoo bowl capacity has been reduced. Shampoo time may be abbreviated due to demand. For the sake of timing clients will process their color in the stylist chair and not at the shampoo bowl.
  20. All retail needs should be discussed with your service provider throughout your appointment. Our staff will collect any products you wish to purchase, add them to your bill, bag them, and bring them to you.
  21. The total for your bill will be presented to you for payment. Keep in mind that we haven’t seen you in several months. You may need more professional product and time at this first appointment than you (and we) are accustomed to achieve your desired result. This may result in a higher total than what you typically pay on a regular appointment interval. Please understand that we are not in any way trying to “price gouge” any of our clients. An increase in price is only assessed when additional product and time is required.
  22. 100% contactless payment can be processed to the credit card we have on file. 
  23. If you wish to use an alternate form of payment please present that to the receptionist or your service provider.
  24. If you wish to add a credit card gratuity to your total please communicate that to the when you are  presented your bill. Gratuities can of course be added to credit cards but most of our service providers also have personal Venmo or CashApp. 
  25. An email copy of your receipt will be sent to you. If you wish to have a paper copy please tell the receptionist.
  26. Please exit the salon immediately following the conclusion of your appointment. Please let your service provider know if you need to use the restroom before you leave. 
  27. All salon clients will exit through the side door nearest the salon reception desk. 
  28. All spa clients will exit through the door in the spa from the parking lot side.
  29. All LUXE Loyalty Point REDEMPTIONS are paused until further notice. You will still accrue points at the same rate.